My name is Geoff Ronning. Myself and my team know first hand how hard it is to create a webinar that works. There is a lot that goes into doing that and luckily we have the answers.

It’s not that we are smarter then other Webinar Experts, the difference is that we have a front row seat and advisory role to webinars that are running around the world on our webinar platform, StealthSeminar. You see I have observed over 7 million webinars and frankly, that gives me data, knowledge, information that no one has. Think about it, if you had founded Webinar Insider Hub…

– You would see the best webinars
– You would see the worst webinars

You would know…

– Who is driving the highest traffic
– Who is getting best attendance rate
– Who is keeping people on the webinar longest
– Which webinars are converting the best

Obviously, there is a lot to learn when you have my perspective. You would get the inside secrets of what is working RIGHT NOW! As you may guess, some people are doing spectacularly. Some people are doing awful.

Based on my unique experience and knowledge, plus my one-of-a-kind StealthSeminar.com “back curtain” view I know how to maximize webinars profits. Because of that I am passionate about helping people and businesses grow faster and more dramatically than at any other time in their life. I do so by offering Webinar Trainings and Consulting services.

I have come a long way from the kid who grew up blue collar.

I reside in Arizona with my Wife Wendy (she is the brains in the family) and my son Riddick (named after my favorite boxer Riddick Bowe). Due to my webinar knowledge it has allowed us to excel. We now have time to do only things we truly enjoy. My passion is boxing. You will generally find me seated in the audience on Showtime and HBO Boxing events.

I look forward to helping improve your business and sitting ringside with you,


P. S. This bio is being written in California. I’m in town for a Showtime Championship Boxing Card. Life is good… But I still look forward to the day I can spar with my wife and not get hurt.