Why Building Relationships Is Important In Marketing

Unlike marketing strategies that have been used in the past, Internet Marketing has changed the way businesses interact with people. Before, the line between marketing and sales was rather blurred and foggy but today, it is pretty well defined, especially when it comes to the Internet. Because the Internet has made information so accessible, a […]

Why Webinars Can Be A Smart Business Choice

One of the most important things any business owner or entrepreneur can do is to find a way to position themselves as an authority in their field or niche. If you have the kind of expertise that is unique enough to make you stand out from your competition, it is important that you flaunt it. […]

How To Make Sure That Your Webinar Will Attract The Right People

It’s really tough to be in business these days. Now, with all the different avenues for marketing and sales it can be difficult to decide which approach is the best one for a business. It seems that talking about newspaper and magazine ads seems about as old-fashioned as the old phonograph records or the 8-track […]

Why Webinars Are So Important

Webinars are a hugely important tool for a variety of different things, including knowledge sharing and online marketing. One of the most important benefits, however, is that they offer an opportunity to share and harness information in a convenient way. They provide a newsworthy manner to have live communication with people who matter. Additionally, when […]

How to Double Your Webinar Attendee Show Up Rate

Want to double your webinar attendee show-up rate? If you are like the average webinar presenter, you get an approximately 40% show up rate to your webinars. That means that about 60% of all webinar registrants don’t attend your webinars. What if I could show you how to double that attendance rate? Obviously, you would […]