How To Make Sure That Your Webinar Will Attract The Right People

It’s really tough to be in business these days. Now, with all the different avenues for marketing and sales it can be difficult to decide which approach is the best one for a business. It seems that talking about newspaper and magazine ads seems about as old-fashioned as the old phonograph records or the 8-track tapes. Today, marketers have to think about social media, Internet blogging, marketing funnels, and more; each will have its own unique needs in order to be effective and bring in the numbers hoped for.

So, when it is time to create a webinar, you want to have the same positive results as you would with any other marketing tactic for your business. However, because webinars are more interactive, they require a more personal touch in order to be effective in reaching more people. As Amanda Sibley says for,

“While a number of marketing pros out there are undoubtedly… well… pros at holding informative webinars, the truth is there’s a hefty amount of work that needs to go into planning them in order to see great benefits.”

And it is not just the webinar that needs to be carefully planned, the lead up to it requires a bit of careful attention as well.

The Pre-Planning Interaction

The success of a webinar starts long before your guest speaker begins his presentation. It actually begins during the promotional stage of the process. The more ways you can interact with the audience before the event, and the more ways you find to not just get them excited about the event but excited enough to spread the word to others, the better turn out you’ll have overall. Some successful webinars sponsor free ticket giveaways for the number of people they pass the invitation on to. This way, you have some of your followers help you to promote the event, saving you on marketing costs.

By utilizing social media channels, blogging about it, or taking advantage of other forms of Internet marketing, you can get them invested in the program even before it starts.

The Podcast

People are sometimes at a loss as to how to use a podcast to promote their webinar. When it comes to promotions however, you have to think about the voice of your presenter. Not just about voice quality but podcasts give you an opportunity to showcase the expertise and knowledge about the event and build anticipation for what participants can hope to learn. As they explain it in Rally Point Webinars,

“The businesspeople you invite to your webinar can now form an instant impression of the speaker and can sign up with the confidence (presumably) that your webinar’s speaker will be a good one.”

The podcast presentation does not have to be a complicated one. With just a 3-4 minute audio recording, it gives just enough information to entice the audience to want more. It should however, answer the questions that will be on people’s minds. How will they benefit from the webinar? What clarifications and new understandings will the guests leave with? Are there examples of businesses or individuals who have already benefited from the material?

Answering these questions and filling those 3-4 minutes with the right kind of information can start you on the process of making your webinar a rousing success.

Webinars can be a great way for many organizations or businesses to market their services or products. As explained in,

“Online seminars, or webinars, are a dynamic and engaging way to convey information to a geographically dispersed audience on a budget.”

However, more is involved than getting the technical side of it right. It is necessary for you to build up anticipation of the event before hand and prepare the audience. This involves much more than just extending an invitation and hoping people will come. The more you whet their appetite for your event, the better your success will be.