Why Webinars Are So Important

Webinars are a hugely important tool for a variety of different things, including knowledge sharing and online marketing. One of the most important benefits, however, is that they offer an opportunity to share and harness information in a convenient way. They provide a newsworthy manner to have live communication with people who matter. Additionally, when people agree to attend your webinar, they effectively help to get your message viral. So what are some of the reasons why webinars are so vital?

1. Webinars Are Cheap and Have a High Potential Return on Investment

It costs almost nothing to organize a webinar, other than time. Indeed, you don’t even need a website or host to run your event, as there are some websites that you can sign up for at a minimal cost that allow you to run them through there. Most importantly, however, is the fact that you can earn a great deal.

“Webinars convert much better than websites or online sales letters! It is typical to close 10% of your attendees at a $1,000 price point (as long as you have a good offer)! In other words, having 100 targeted prospects on your webinar can bring in $10,000 in sales from a single 90-minute webinar!”

That is a significant amount of money, and a figure most online entrepreneurs like to think about. Naturally, a 90-minute webinar takes a little bit more than 90 minutes to organize overall, but you should still see a fantastic profit all things considering. Not doing webinar is like cutting yourself in the fingers.

2. They Offer a Way to Be More Social

Two things matter in the online world right now: being mobile and being social. Making sure that the information on your webinar is mobile friendly takes care of the first important element. The second is the social element. Naturally, one way to attract attention to the fact that you are hosting such an event at all is through the various social media platforms. Additionally, when someone signs up for the event, this can get shared across the various platforms as well. Going viral on social media means that you will get noticed, even by people who haven’t signed up for your webinar.

3. They Build Relationships

A second important element of webinars is that they help you to build important relationships. These include relationships with your competition, your mentors and your customers and potential customers. A webinar is designed to help people to learn something from you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from them as well, be that now or at a later stage.

“Because your audience gets to hear you and interact with you, your credibility and connection to your audience builds faster and deeper than through text, or even the same content presented as pre-built video.”

Indeed, a webinar is as close as you can get to meeting face to face, without having to travel or take inordinate amounts of time out to meet each person individually. We all know that time is money. By using a webinar, you can kill multiple birds with one stone.

4. They Help Build Lists

List building is older than the internet itself and has always been used for income generation. Thinking of new and original ways to build lists is a top priority for all online entrepreneurs. Webinars are a fantastic list building tool. Naturally, everyone who has signed up to your webinar will provide you with their details, even if they don’t attend. Additionally, those that do attend may recommend you to others, thereby further increasing your list.